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APP+WIFI+GPRS+3G WCDMA +SMS+IP Camera LCD Smart Home Alarm

APP+WIFI+GPRS+3G WCDMA +SMS+IP Camera LCD Smart Home Alarm


PST-G90B Plus 3G

◆100 wireless zones+8 wired zones;

◆Support 100pcs Wireless relay/Wireless Socket and extra charge;

◆Support wireless sound&strobe siren and extra charge; .

◆Set up WIFI very easy;

◆Support setting GPRS by yourself;

◆Backup battery can enable the wifi continue to work after power cut;

◆Support "ding dong "doorbell function;

◆Zone names can be revised by users;

◆20s leaving message remotely in APP to host;

◆Push/SMS alert when the door sensor low battery;

◆Self-checking windows/doors status when away arm host;

◆Arm/alarm Delay for each defense zone. Timed arm/disarm function;

◆10-second voice message recording

◆Support Monitoring and two-way intercom function

. ◆The host can be used as a hand-free phone.

◆Work with IP camera,The IP camera APP embeds in the host can view the IP camera by phone. ip camera extra charge;

◆Workable with RFID wireless keypad, optional charge wireless keypad;

◆3G WCDMA Freq: (you need choose -E or -A Freq) -E: 900/2100Mhz -A: 850/1900Mhz

◆White and black color optional as the photo showed;

◆Compatiable door sensor&PIR:PST-G90-PIR,PST-G90-PIR8,PST-G90-DS

◆Multi-Language:English,Russian,French,Spanish,Svenska,Turk and Dutch

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